A Florist’s Guide to Gerbera Daisies

Popular Cut Flowers

Gerbera daisies have long been a staple in the market of cut flowers. The sturdy stems on these blooms don’t hollow out like other cut flowers. They also have an exceptional vase life, usually lasting up to 10 days. Gerberas come in almost every color. There are different patterns and forms of blooms on the market; some have so many layers of petals that they look like miniature sunflowers. There is variation in center eye color of the bloom with green, cream, or dark brown being most available.

Gerbera Daisy Care Must-Knows

General care of gerbera daisies is simple, but they can be a little more needy of fertilizer than most annuals. Remove any spent blooms on your gerbera to redirect energy spent on seed production for continuous blooms instead.

New Innovations

Most gerbera varieties aren’t available as in-ground plants but, rather, as cut flowers. These plants feature long stems and large foliage, which are both not ideal characteristics for a home garden. However, there is work being done on gerberas as potted plants. Many of these miniature varieties look great as a single plant in a pot or thrown in a mixed container with other colorful annuals.